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About Airgun Ammo

Ammo Do’s

  • Use only pellets in the same caliber as the gun. The caliber of a Stoeger Airgun is clearly shown on the barrel.
  • Use only new pellets.

Ammo Don’ts

  • Don’t use low-quality pellets. They can cause accuracy problems or obstruct the barrel.
  • Do not reuse pellets.
  • Never use a pellet that was lodged in your rifle.
  • Never use BBs. Steel BBs will not be a good fit to the barrel and will be inaccurate. They will also damage the rifling and ruin the gun’s accuracy for shooting regular pellets.

Choosing the Right Pellet

Almost any air rifle can shoot any type of pellet in the same caliber as the gun. Not all pellets work equally well in every airgun. Use this overview of ammo types to choose the right one for your airgun. (See a comparison of airgun calibers in How to Choose an Airgun.)

 Alloy Pellets

These lighter pellets generally work better in lower-power air rifles like the X5 Air Rifle. They work less well in higher-powered models such as the X50 Air Rifle.

Alloy pellets like the Stoeger X-Speed Alloy Pellets

  • Shoot faster than lead
  • Are generally less accurate than lead pellets, especially when they travel faster than the speed of sound (about 1,200 fps)
  • Don’t have the handling disadvantages of lead

Domed Pellets

The X-Field and X-Hunt general purpose domed pellets shoot well in all Stoeger Airguns.

Flat-Nosed Pellets

Flat-nosed pellets like the Stoeger X-Sport and X-Match

  • Are ideal for target shooting
  • Punch a neat, clean hole into paper
  • Are generally known as wad-cutters
  • Are not the best match for the very high muzzle velocity of the X50

Super-Heavy Pellets

Super-heavy X-Magnum, X-Power, and X-Hunt pellets…

  • Are ideal for hunting
  • Are maximum weight
  • Have utmost knockdown power

Lead Pellet Warning

Do not put lead pellets in your mouth, and don’t put fingers in your mouth after handling pellets. Wash your hands after handling pellets.

Lead pellets contain lead, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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