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Airgun Hunting

Stoeger X-Series models can be used for airgun hunting, within their own individual capabilities. These models have the power and accuracy needed for responsible hunting of pests, birds and small game, and even larger animals.

Serious air rifle hunters understand the need for power. They value the humane one-shot kill provided by powerful models such as the X50 Air Rifle.

The chart below gives examples of the types of prey that can be taken at short ranges with different air rifles.

Range of Stoeger Models for Short-Range Airgun Hunting

Stoeger X5Stoeger X10, X20, and ATACStoeger X50
Small pests
(Example: chipmunks)                                      
Up to 25 yards                Up to 40 yards                                         Up to 80 yards                  
Large pests
(Example: squirrels and crows)
Up to 20 yardsUp to 30 yardsUp to 50 yards
Small game
(Example: rabbits and groundhogs)
Not recommendedUp to 20 yards
(.22 caliber preferred)
Up to 40 yards
(.22 caliber preferred)
(Example: raccoons and foxes)
Not recommendedNot recommendedUp to 30 yards
(.22 caliber only)

Best Caliber for Knockdown

.22 caliber is favored over .177 for airgun hunting. Although muzzle velocity is lower than for the comparable .177 models, the heavier pellet gives much greater knockdown power.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t overestimate your capabilities or those of your air rifle. Practice until you can consistently hit your target. Learn to estimate distances, and get as close as possible to your intended game to make a clean, ethical, and accurate shot.

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