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Airgun Safety

Treat airguns with the same respect that you would a loaded firearm. Air rifles are not toys. They are for adult use, not for use by children without close adult supervision.

Never Point Any Air Rifle at Any Person

An air rifle can cause serious injury or death. Always assume that the gun is loaded.

Symbol indicating not to point an airgun at a person

Never Aim at Anything That is Not Safe to Shoot

Never aim at anything that is not safe to shoot. Pellets can travel as far as 500 yards. Know what is behind the target and understand what will happen if you miss, or if the pellet passes through the target. Think before you shoot.

“Do not” symbol showing bullet path beyond target reaching a person

Don’t Shoot at Water or Hard Surfaces

Pellets may ricochet and hit something you did not intend.

“Do not” symbol showing bullet path beyond target  reaching a person

Always Wear Shooting Glasses

You and others with you must wear protective glasses when shooting air rifles.

Symbol indicating not to shoot at a hard surface

Always Ensure the Gun Is Empty After Firing

Do not transport or store the gun with a pellet in the chamber. Always make sure the gun is unloaded when passing it to others or changing location.

Know and Use the Safety

Stoeger Airguns feature an automatic safety system, described in the owner’s manual. Always use this but do not rely on it alone. No safety device can be a complete substitute for safe handling on your part.

Store the Gun Safely

You are responsible for ensuring that unauthorized persons—such as children—cannot find and use your air rifle. Always store the gun unloaded and with the pellets in a different location.

Use Correct Pellets and Handling

See About Airgun Ammo for guidelines.

Never Climb a Tree, Fence or Obstruction with a Loaded Gun

Open the barrel before climbing or descending a tree or before climbing a fence or jumping over a ditch or obstruction. Never pull or push a loaded airgun toward yourself or another person.

Symbol for do not climb a tree with a loaded gun

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages and Judgment- or Reflex-Impairing Medication When Shooting

Do not drink and shoot. If you take medication that can impair motor reactions or judgment, do not handle an airgun while you are under the influence of the medication.

Symbol for do not drink and shoot

Never Transport a Loaded Airgun

Unload an airgun before putting it in a vehicle. Hunters and target shooters should load an airgun only at their destination.

Symbol for do not transport a loaded firearm

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